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COATEK Engineering Limited, was established in Izmir in the year 2011. The founders of the company have over 10 years of shop and field experience in coatings production, quality control, technical services and inspection.  Due to this experience, the technical personnel are focused on eliminating the coating errors.

COATEK Engineering works with the international standards. The Aim of the company is to combine knowledge, experience and labor under the same roof and become the leader company on the field.

Knowing that the correct application of the coating is the key to maintain the integrity and the value of the construction, the motto of the company and all the staff is "Do it right, do it once!"

The administration staff are METU (Middle East Technical University) and ITU (Istanbul Technikal University) graduates and are international inspector instructors. Having SSPC Level 2 and  NACE/SSPC Level 3 certifications along with NACE Nuclear endorsement, the staff focuses on fail-safe applications, inspections, integrity surveys, failure analysis, consultancy and training services.

COATEK Engineering offers you a reliable, flexible and affordable partnership in all your coating application and inspection jobs.


If you are looking for:

  • Highly educated and intellectual engineers
  • Certified individuals up to NACE / SSPC Level 3
  • Experience in a wide selection of industries like Energy, Oil&Gas, Industrial & Commercial Structures, Marine, and a lot more
  • Affordable prices compared to global competitors
  • Additional benefits of sub-contracting to direct employment (Tax, social security, HSE benefits)
  • Flexibility for long term or short term jobs

then, Coatek Engineering is the perfect choice for you!