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coating inspection ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Coatek Inspection Services provides high-end Inspection and Survey services for any surface preparation and/or coating job with NACE end SSPC certified inspectors varying from Level 1 to Level 3 with Nuclear. 

Inspection services are defined as the job of checking the process and verifying that the job is done right. It also includes guidance and supervision as necessary. Coatek sides with your company as your 2nd Party or 3rd Party and guarantees that the job is performed in a flawless way.

Survey services on the other hand consist of a series of more advanced tasks such as failure analysis, final controls and integrity services. These tasks may include advanced inspection techniques as destructive testing and laboratory analysis, and are often performed on a previously applied coating system.

In accordance with the community rules, these services are provided only by (or in supervision of) a Level 3 Inspector with extensive coatings experience. Coatek performs the surveys by Level 3 and/or Instructor Level inspectors with up to 15 years of experience.

Along with the experienced, well trained professionals, Coatek has a very good inventory of high-end inspection tools which also play a key role in providing top quality inspections and surveys.

Being based in Turkey, just between Europe, Middle-East and Asia, Coatek is able to offer very competitive prices for any service due to the logistics advantage and relatively low costs of Turkey.

If you require a top-class, woldwide inspection service for an unmatched price, Coatek is your solution partner!