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Consultancy Services

The consultancy services provided by Coatek Engineering will guarantee that you are on the right track by refining the whole process and improving the quality of your and your sub-contractor's coating jobs.

Coatek's consultancy services include a wide variety of tasks such as internal and vendor audits, system selection, specification writing, project management and process improvements; aiming to achieve the best results with the lowest possible cost for your coating jobs.

As in any job, design is the key to the coating projects. This includes corrosion and service conditions assessment, system selection and application design in the guidance of international standards and good practices. This process also includes a good specification writing, inspection plan preparation and setting up the application and control procedures. All these concepts are finalized with a full control of the job, with initial audits and in-process inspections, and this in all will guarantee a successful and fail-safe coating project.

In the meanwhile, the processes and the quality of vendors  are measured and improved. This helps to prevent any potential failures and extends the efficiency of the process, lowering the unit costs.

Lastly, all the collected data is analyzed and implemented in a continuous improvement project to maintain the efficiency and sustainability of the quality.

Our consultancy services will minimize your risks, enhance your efficiency and improve the quality; resulting in much lower maintenance/repair costs, lower consumption and improved customer satisfaction.

You will gain more than what you paid for our consultancy services!