To be the solution partner of our customers and, be the leading, preferentially sought company specialized in the coating industry, under the frame of good quality approach to work and experience, by emphasizing on human, environment and education factors primarily.


Our vision is to become a leading brand for protective coating services worldwide; by providing exceptional services with highest quality, trust and long-lasting partnerships. Growing and developing a fair, healthy competitive environment in the industry and achieving a permanent brand name with all aspects.

We aim to do so by: 

  • Executing innovative and creative ideas
  • Delivering cost effective solutions
  • Maintaining quality standards



► Honesty and trust above all! 

► Respect to ethics, the society and the environment.

► Keeping customer satisfaction above all things.

► Relying on global research, international standards and hard earned experience.

► Meeting the employee needs and satisfaction and exceeding it by continuous personal development.

► Leading the industry and presenting an example for all similar companies.

► Developing and maintaining the brand value of Coatek!



1.  Standing still means regression. In Coatek, we believe in unending improvement. Only by constant progress and improvement we can maintain leadership.
2.  Daily earnings are never more important than long-term winnings. We do not believe in daily and temporary profits as we are focused in total development and acquisition.
3.  The scale of our success is measured by the earnings of our customers.
4.  The long-term and successful relations with our customers will be warranted when these policies are met. 
5.  Leadership can only be maintained by placing extended value on innovation, science, education, experience, environment and individuals.